Some men just want to see the world burn, and some men are going to do something else than organize this particular demoparty! 3rd time is the charm and this charm will last till the end.

This being said, this will be the final demoparty of PayBack demoparty series.

You'll find yourself at one of the most exclusive demoparties of 2015 in Helsinki, Villa Haka, surrounded by black marble and poshy environment where even the russian oligarks would be proud to be partying in. If we get lucky, the pool will yet again be cold and there will be a snowstorm! At least the saunas are warm.

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28/10/2014: T-Shirt design! It is here! Check it out

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7/10/2014: Overhead Projector Competition was scrapped. Not to worry! Animated GIF competition was announced! Check out Competitions.

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